Fire Armor

Wanted Challenge Bonus: Click me!

Rankings displayed are independent of Wanted Challenge Bonus.  Meaning I have assigned that affix a value of zero when determining in what order items should be ranked. Determine the value you want to assign to that affix for yourself.

Not in ranked list?

If your item is not in the ranked list I do not consider it worth investing the materials needed to evolve it to tier 6 and max it’s level.  Certain exceptions can be made based on gear mix and how much you care about saving materials.

Meaning of *

Items that require specific criteria(like using glaives) are ranked where they are with the assumption that you meet that criteria.  These items will be marked with a *

All wanted Challenge bonus items: Unranked

Justicar Plate

Ares Warplate

Fenraoh’s Garb

Way of The Five Flames


Ranked Items Below

#1 Rooster Steelfeathers

#2 Lavaguard

#3 Blazewarden

#4 Ringleader of Elves

#5 Statat Armor*

#6 Cemail*

#7 Pyrethorax

#8 Kilncoat*

#9 Flame Lion Skin

#10 Kebos Scaled Garb*

#11 Sand Beetle Chitin

#12 Red Judge Armor

#13 Sunforge Armor

#14 Raging Bull Hide*

#15 Carcharodon Plate*

#16 Warguard

#17 Justicar Plate

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